Clash Royale Chests Cycle (Legendary, Epic & Magical)


A few months ago ago, SuperCell decided to add two new chests; epic and legendary. The legendary chest contains one legendary card and the epic chest contains 10 epic cards. These two chests do not gems, gold, common or rare cards.

There is a lot of discussion and arguments as to why some people never seem to get legendary chests and why some people seem to always get them. If you visit forums or Clash Royale Fan Facebook pages, you can see examples of this.

The truth behind the “random” chests is that it is actually not random, there is actually a fixed cycle of cards.

What Does Chest Cycle Mean?

This means that the order of chests follow a certain pattern and it is indeed not random. The “chest cycle” contains 240 chests in total. After you obtain your 240th chest, the cycle will reset and start all over again. Please note that the chest you obtain post-training also counts.


clash royale chest cycle chart

Remember, SuperCell programs all of these chests, so they will appear in the order just like in the above picture. You can track your chest progress by noting down the chests sequence you have recently, then find out where you are in the chest cycle. As you can see in the picture, in the process of going through the chest cycle, you will receive 180 Silver chests, 52 Golden chests, 4 Giant chests and last but not least, 4 Magical chests. The Crown chests and free chests are not a part of the cycle. As you can see from the table, the legendary and epic chests are nowhere to be found.

How Can I Get The Legendary Chest?

There has been many rumors about getting the legendary chest. For example, some Clash Royale players think that if you play battles at 4 AM, it will increase the chances that you will get a legendary chest. iMix, a famous Clash Royale player actually figured out the secret to getting the legendary chest. The legendary chest will appear after 2 chest cycles (If you are below the legendary arena), which is the 480th chest. Those who are in the legendary arena will receive the legendary chest after one cycle. If you fall out of the legendary arena, your chest cycle will reset.

How Can I Get The Epic Chest?

The same case applies to epic chests. If you are still trying to reach the Legendary arena, you have to complete 2 chest cycles to get an Epic chest, which will contain 10 Epic cards. If you are in the Legendary arena, then you will only have to complete 1 chest cycle to get an Epic chest.

How Can I Get The Super Magical Chest ?

The super magical chest has it’s own chest cycle. You will get a Super Magic after you receive 500 chests. If you receive the Super Magical chest, you will still remain the cycle and you will not get another Magical Chest until the 500-chest cycle is finished. In other words, if you get a Super Magical chest early in the cycle, it does not reset the cycle, you still have to run through 500 chests to start a new cycle to obtain another Super Magical chest.

Other Tips

  • It takes a lot of time and patience to receive these chests, but everyone will eventually get them.
  • If you are in the Legendary arena, try your best not to fall behind and moved to a lower arena. As mentioned before, this will reset your 1-cycle process to obtain the Legendary and Epic chests.
  • Only play for chests when you have available slots.
  • Make sure to maximize your chest openings. You can read how to maximize your chest openings/gold here.