How To Get More Gold In Clash Royale

Get More Gold in Clash Royale

Gold In Clash Royale

Earning gold can be such a headache in Clash Royale. It is especially important to maximize your gold while you are sleeping. Gold is used to upgrade your cards or purchase new cards from the store. The end result is to gather as much gold as possible throughout your day.

What is Gold Used for?

  • Upgrading cards.
  • Buying cards from the shop.

How Can I Earn Gold?

Currently, there are two ways to earn gold in the game. You can donate cards to clan members or you can open chests.

Opening Chests For Gold

There are a variety of different chests that you can earn in the game

  • Clan Chest¬†

    If you are part of a clan, every week you can win battles towards your clan chest. Once the clan chest crowns has been fulfilled, you can open this. You can choose to help your clan or not, either way, you will get a clan chest

  • Crown Chest

    You can earn crown chests by earning 10 crowns per day. Every time you destroy a tower in a battle, you will earn 1 crown chest, whether you win or lose. You can only open one crown chest per day.

  • Free Chest

    – This is a free chest that you can open every few hours.

  • Victory Challenges

    – You can enter these contests and earn gold. There are some free challenges here and there, but you can also pay gems to participate. The more you win, the more gold you will find in your chest.

Donate Cards For Gold

  • If you are part of a clan, you can donate cards to clan members who are requesting for them. We recommend to donate cards that you don’t use. You can donate¬†commons cards (5 gold), rare cards (50 gold) and legendary cards (500 gold).


  • Set up alarm for free chests so you can open them as soon as possible and earn more. You can only store 2 at a time
  • Open the 3 hour chest during the day. Save the longer chests and open them right before bed. You will be able to maximize chest openings.
  • Donate as much as you can. Card donations are most active in the morning so make sure to check often.