Easy Golem Deck For Clash Royale (Updated 4.21.17)

best golem deck

I created this deck to build around my golem card. The golem is one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale and does not have many weaknesses. The main idea is to summon the golem and try to summon units behind the golem that will counter whatever you think the opponent will summon to kill the golem. There are only a few cards that can kill the golem, depending on which arena you are in. Here is a list of cards that people will summon to kill the golem:

  • Inferno Tower
  • Elite Barbs
  • Barbs
  • Minion Horde
  • Skeleton Army
  • Goblin Army
  • Triple Musketeer
  • Inferno Dragon
For most of these cards, Musketeer is almost essential to place behind the Golem. It deals massive damage and will not die to a fireball. Minions are also essential against inferno tower, elite barbs and inferno dragon. Zap is also very good counter for large armies and to reset inferno dragon and inferno tower.

Deck Cons

  • Easily counter by elite barbs on other line. There are no 3 card counters for elite barbs that is super effective and it is likely that you will take massive damage to the other lane once you summon the golem.
  • Inferno Tower is so good against the golem and it is extremely difficult to kill it before kills your golem.

Deck Pros

  • This deck is very easy to learn as all it requires is to summon a golem and put units behind it.

Other Tips

  • Make sure to keep an elixir counter on your opponent as it is essential when figuring out what units to summon behind the golem.
  • Do not over summon as a rocket or fireball will devastate you.
  • Save zap to reset inferno dragon or tower, as well as to destroy large groups of enemies.
  • After the golem dies, the 2 mini golems are still EXTREMELY tanky. Do not give up and stop summoning units behind it just because the big golem died.
  • Do not summon golem in the back unless you have an elixir advantage. They will rush your tower and probably kill it before your golem even makes it past the first crown tower.